SV Poem by Ruth


Before Special Virtuosi, I was lost
I was very cold, frustrated, unhappy
I did not know many people, what cost
Unstable, falling over, I am very clumsy.

When I started SV, I saw colours bright,
Beautiful beats, hearing sounds, so wonderful
Flying so high, teachers flying like a kite
Through branches, rescued by an angel.

Loving music, us composing, wow
So this is great fun, fantastic moves
I will stay forever, this is my vow
Pictures or music we need to improve.

I could fall asleep, so beautiful
So magical, so nice, I can taste it.
Warm ups, so peaceful and very playful.
Thank you Juliet, I am committed.

Teachers are so cute and wonderful
Musical beats are like colours, lovely!
We can hug ourselves in a big circle
So very happy and and so free.

All our souls reunited yippee!
So nice, I can picture everything.
Kyran, Hannah, help we shout with glee!
We jump into action with a spring!

Special Virtuosi